Digital MW3 Warrior Pack helps real-world vets


IMAGINE how cool it would be o unlock a real-life perk by doing something digitally. If you’re a COD fan, the Call of Duty Endowment “Warrior Pack” is DLC for the video game that benefits real-life US and U.K. military veterans.

The “Warrior Pack” enhances players’ experiences with weapons, perks and skins, including a former US Navy SEAL. Not only is the ex-SEAL in the game, “Ben” is actually related to The Rock, Dwayne Johnson!

Recently, The Rock gave his cousin, Ben, a shoutout for his work in Call of Duty Endowment’s “Warrior Pack” DLC.

You may be too young to enlist in the military, but your purchase will definitely help Call of Duty Endowment help veterans find employment, housing and back on their feet.

The DLC is available at online game stores for $9.99 US and ready to deploy on your console/PC of choice.

Here’s the official press release Call of Duty Endowment “Warrior Pack” DLC aids military vets