Take a SPIN with HOLOFIDE (VR)


As summer vacation kicks off, family road trips are in full swing - which means that parents need fun, creative ways to keep their kids engaged in the backseat.

Holoride is a Munich-based company shaping the future of in-car virtual reality entertainment for backseat passengers.

Holoride can be used in any car – from the newest Audi to a well-used car. The holoride retrofit—a puck-sized Bluetooth device that sits on your dashboard—makes holoride’s library of immersive VR games compatible with any vehicle.

So instead of asking that age-old question, “Are we there yet?!” kids will start asking, “Are we there already?!”

Whereas the new Apple Vision Pro will cost almost $3500, the holoride retrofit pack is far more accessible at a price of essentially $699. Holoride's incredible, ever-expanding libraryincludes a wide variety of fun and exciting experiences—from immersive games like Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven, to casual experiences like Cookie Ride and Dynablaster, to edutainment, such as the Bookful series.

This Thursday sees the launch of Jungle Cruise – an immersive flying adventure in your back seat.

For more, detailed information, please check out the official Holoride site:HOLORIDE

M4d SKI11Z take: Looks very interesting, but the key to any new, innovative gaming tech is Triple A publisher support. For every Occulus, there's a Virtual Boy, PS VR Gen. 1 that cost a ton, but delivered heartache. Keep your eyes peeled for it. MD