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Mad Skillz Dot Com's roots start in the South back in the mid 1980s. Willie Jefferson, a young, ambitious teen, found himself tickering with electronics.

His dad, an Air Force medical equipment repairman, encouraged him to channel his energy into computer programing on the family Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64.

Instead, he chose to play games and avoid electronics at all costs. Yet ... it was always in his blood ...

Founded in 1999, Mad Skillz offers great quality, used MP3 players and can repair most iPods (Gen. 3 and later - Video iPods and Nanos soon), Creative Nomad Jukebox 2/3, Nomad Zen USB 2.0s, Nomad Zen NXs and Xtra, Nomad Zen Touches, Dell DJs and iRivers, just to name a few.

On Thursday, Feb. 9th, 2006, Mad Skillz was thrust firmly into the MP3 repair spotlight with a New York Times article on protecting your MP3 players.

Besides offering MP3 players and repairs, Mad Skillz also offers professional digital media recommendations. Based on a tried and true formula developed by Jefferson, your response to 5 questions can determine, with a 98 percent accuracy, what kind of player would be perfect for you.

What does the future hold for Mad Skillz Dot Com? Hopefully, gaining a Web surfer like yourself as a happy and satisfied customer in the very, very near future.

Questions? Comments? Please drop us an e-mail or visit our contact form and fire away.

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