Skinny CD with Fat Beatz ...

By DJ Diego De La Vega,
madskillz dot com


the Albuquerque-based hip-hop band, Skinnyfat, politics seems to be in their lyrics and most definitely on their minds. Not that these guys are considering careers in politics, even though the group did open for President Bill Clinton at a John Kerry rally at the Albuquerque Hispanic Cultural Center. And an added bonus? The group got to meet and chat with the former president/musician.

The band's message rings loud and clear in their debut CD, Great Great Great Gran'pa. The CD is a depature from the commercial hip hop likes of Nelly, Ludacris and Snoop. No, they aren't faded by West Coast rappers such as The Game and Chicago based Kanye West. Oh no ... the group is a straight throwback to the Genesis of hip hop. When the potent, politically motivated lyrics of Public Enemy and NWA constantly caused controversy.

What Skinnyfat has done with this release is mix hip hop, jazz, old skool funk into a musical gumbo. The aftertaste more than likely will leave you begging for more helpings.

The album, produced by Todd Eric Lovato of Albuquerque, features 13 tracks of baam-in-yo-face lyrics running the gamut from hangin' with the homies to Mr. 'Mission Accomplished' George W. Bush and everything in between.

There were a couple tracks that really stood out -

1. Track 2 - It's hard to grow up features riffs and rhythms that are obviously a nod to the 70s funk scene and old skool rock.
2. Track 3 - Tsunami like me has old skool hip hop rhythms and a lyrically delivery reminiscent of the 80s pioneer group, The Beastie Boys.
3. Track 8 - Jim's Black Market features an old skool drum session sampled from The Ohio Player's hit 'I wanna be free.'

This up-and-coming band is most definitely representing the 505 and showing love their the local spots. Not that their group needs any help, but next time President Clinton rolls into ABQ, you all should invite him to your next jam session and give homie a guitar ...

4.5 stars out of 5.

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