What jamz I am rocking on my player

By G.Lo,
madskillz dot com supah model

1. Easy Plateau by Ryan Adams: This is a comfort song for me
2. You Wear It Well by Rod Stewart: A cool hit before he became embarrassing!
3. I've got you under my skin by Frank Sinatra: Sensual and sensitive
4. Black Cat by Broadcast: Nicoesque singer, irresistible melody
5. One Thing by Amerie: Makes you move your shoulders

What jamz I am rocking on my iPod 60

By DJ Wile E. Coyote,
madskillz dot com

1. Twista - "Get me": I heard that junk playing LA Rush on my PS2. The old skool riff is grimey! I had to rock that ... Twista is no joke ...
2. Lenny Williams - "'Cause I love you": No joke - if you just muffed up really, REALLY bad wit your significant other, you gotta listen to this song for ideas. Lenny was the Keith Sweat of the '70s. He is the best beggar I have EVER heard ... he is like 'Forget my dignity, my manhood, I have to have my baby back." That's what I am talking about!
3. Joe Arroyo - "La Rebellion": This catchy legend is one of the best salsa songs I have ever heard! Zorro was playing it religiously ... and I got tha lyrics. Check it: 16th-century Colombia - black woman, slave master, physical abuse. The slaves rose up ... that's all she wrote. 'Don't hit tha black woman!!!!"
4. Erick Sermon and Marvin Gaye - "Music": Anything with Marvin is sick ... but my boy Erick Sermon said 'Doing 80 in my Mercedez,' I was rollin ...
5. Eric B and Rakim - "Paid in Full": No other rapper made getting loot sound so good ...
6. Martika - "Toy Soldiers": This dusty cut takes me back to tha late 80s. Eminem jacked it ... made me appreciate this more ...
7. The Buzzhorn - "Ordinary": Heard this cut repeatedly on the game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. One of the grimest tracks to roll with ... awesome.
8. Bell Biv Devoe - "Poison": Me and a friendgirl danced to this back in tha day ... she got married this weekend, but everytime I hear this, I think about her. Peace, D.
9. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - "Deep Cover": Snoop's intro ... tha lyric is "What up, Snoop? Snoop: Yo, I got tha feeling ... tonight's the night like Betty Wright and I'm chillin ... killin' feelin' no remorse ...' Two lyrical geniuses.
10. Bjork - "Venus as a boy": Different, and catchy. Great riding music.
11. Michael Sterling - "Lovers and Friends": Before Ludi, Usher and Lil John's hip hop ballad, Mike did it ... and homie laid it on the line 'I'll buy a house for you, baby ... I'll buy one for your moma too!" That's a brother that's sprung ...
12. Kayne West - "Jesus Walks": One of the grimest songs I have heard. The ARC Choir was awesome. Catchy and sticks in my mind a lot ...
13. Keith Sweat - "Right and a wrong way": No aphrodisiac needed ... play this cut and clothes will magically disappear ...
14. Herb Alpert feat. Lisa Keith and Janet - "Making love in the rain": See answer 13.
15. Adina Howard - "T-shirt and my panties on": See answer 13.
16. House of Pain - "Jump around": One of the awesomest songs to get hyped off of. Just a grimey cut that will get your blood pumpin'.
17. Cybotron - "Clear": Most definitely jacked by Missy, but I heard that junk on the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as I was rollin. Techno hip hop before its time ...
18. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - "Lookin' for the perfect beat": The first time I heard this since the '80s was on Ced the Entertainer's skit on breakdancing. Then, on Vice City and now on my iPod. Makes you wanna get up and starting spinning on the floor like you are in 'Breakin.'
19. Mariah feat. Fat Joe - "It's like that" Remix: The Ying-Yang Twinz jack by Fat Joe MADE THIS SONG one of the grimest of tha year. A++++
20. Biggie - "Who Shot Ya?": A modern classic ... one of the catchiest beatz I have ever heard ... sick.
21. Cypress Hill - "How could I just kill a man?": Straight outta Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - before Hot Coffee - one of the best tracks to roll too ... 'One-time tried to come in my home - take my chrome - I said 'Yo, it's on." Canibus rap at its finest.
22. The Isley Brothers - "Make me say it again, gurl": Jacked by Mariah, Bones Thugs and Harmony and countless others ... see answer 13.
23. Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones Part II": One of the grimest cuts I have EVER heard. Truly, a motivational song ... just ask Rabbit on '8 Mile.'"
24. Lynrd Skynrd - "Sweet Home Alabama": The official Durty South anthem ....
25. Biggie Smalls - "Tha 10 Crack Commandments": One of the craziest songs but it rings true - in the words of Tony Montana off of 'Scarface': 'Never get high off your own supply ...'

What 20 jamz I am rocking on my iPod 60 - Creative Nomad Jukebox 3

By DJ Diego De La Vega,
madskillz dot com

1. Keith Sweat - "Make it last forever"
2. Keith Sweat - "Right and a wrong way"
3. Mariah Carey and Fat Joe - "It's like that Remix"
4. Art of Noise - "Moments in Love"
5. Stevie Ray Vaughn - "Voodoo Child"
6. Ohio Players - "Funky Worm"
7. Fabulous feat. Tamia - "I'm so into you"
8. Bow Wow feat. Ciara - "Like you"
9. Joe Arroyo - "La Rebellion"
10. Keith Sweat - "In the rain"
11. Usher - "Can you handle it"
12. R. Kelly - "It's seems like you're ready"
13. Douglas Miller - "Unspeakable Joy"
14. Run DMC - "My Addidas"
15. Shaq feat. Notorious BIG - "You can't stand the rain"
16. Bobby Brown - "Rockwitcha" and "Roni"
17. Force MD's - "Love is a house"
18. Luther Vandross - "A House is not a home"
19. Heart - "Alone"
20. Timmy T - "One more try"

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